• • • TYFFANEE: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 5 years

Bil with respirator before DNRSTyffanee is the star pupil appearing on the Dynamic Neural Retraining Systemâ„¢ DVD Series (DNRS).

Tyffanee has suffered from a severe sensitivity to chemicals since she was 13. She has been moved from public schools, to private schools to being home schooled.

When exposed to chemicals, she would go into anaphylactic shock, need to use her epi-pen, and be rushed to the hospital where they would attempt to stabilize her lungs through steroid injections.

Her lungs were deteriorating monthly. Her doctors told her that if she lived to see her 30th birthday, "it would be a medical miracle."

After seeing many specialists and allergists who did not know how to treat her, she heard about Annie Hopper's DNRS program for people suffering from chemical sensitivities.

Tyffanee was skeptical about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System as she had been to numerous medical specialists that were unable to help. "I was so tired of being disappointed that I didn't want to get excited about this (DNRS) working, because I didn't want to feel this disappointment again".

In this testimonial - taken upon conclusion of this three-day neuroplasticity therapy program - Tyffanee describes her third day class results and how Hopper's program "gave me my life back". DNRS systematically demonstrates how to re-wire neural circuits that influence survival and stress mechanisms, sensory perception, detoxification, immune function and inflammatory responses.

Tyffanee's full third-day class check-in appears on the Dynamic Neural Retraining Systemâ„¢ DVD Series.

Tyffanee todayTwo years later, Tyffanee wrote Annie:

"Hello Annie.

I haven't talked to you in a while, thought you might like an update on how AMAZING life is going for me, thanks to you.

I am now 20 years old and a short 3 weeks away from completing my Hospitality Management Program at Vancouver Career College. Annie you are truly a gift from God himself, and I hope life has been as good to you as it has been to me.

If there is EVER anything I can do to help you or the program, please don't hesitate, and give me a call. I truly owe you my life, it would be the least I can do."





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