• • • THILDE: Electrical Hypersensitivities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 8 years

Thilde’s life was very full and rewarding until she suffered from a toxic injury to her brain and body that left her trying to survive in a world that had become inhabitable for her.  She soon developed both severe chemical and electrical sensitivities that consumed all of her time and energy.  At one point Thilde lived in a tent for two years.  It was the only place she could live without experiencing the disabling physical symptoms that often go hand and hand with these illnesses.   The initial toxic trauma had caused damage and disorganization of neural networks in her brain that was keeping her brain and body in a cycle of chronic illness.  
Thilde Jensen DNRS Partipant Ontario Thilde took the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ and is now able to do what she wants to do and go anywhere that she wants.  Thilde embraced the program full heartedly and focused all of the energy that she was using to survive into rewiring the neural circuits of the limbic system.  And in successfully rewiring the neural circuits associated with these illnesses, she no longer has to suffer, or live as disabled, and has moved on to helping those who are still suffering.  

Neuroplasticity indeed changed her life in the biggest way possible. And with her new freedom to engage in the world, Thilde has combined her passion of photo journalism with the need to create greater awareness of these conditions and environmental awareness. Her photo article "Everything Makes Them Sick" appeared in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. She is currently documenting the plight of those living with environmental illness in her upcoming book "Canaries".





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