• • • RACHEAL: Electrical Hypersensitivities and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 3 years

DNRS Racheal MCS and EHS for 3 yearsRacheal had Empstein Barr virus that compromised her immune system and allowed her to be affectedby the mold and formaldehyde chemicals tested and found in her home. The resulting brain trauma and consequential disorganization of neural circuits had affected the protective mechanisms in her brain.

This triggered a maladapted stress response that exhibited as distorted and heightened sensory perception. As a result, her brain and body were reacting violently to various stimuli, chemicals, electro magnetic fields and various foods. Racheal had been to see many specialists already to remove toxins associated with the illness, and yet she was still suffering and felt like she was slowly dying.

Due to the severity of her reactions, Racheal was forced to leave her family home and live in an environmentally sterile room isolated from her husband and children.  The stress and hardship associated with this illness was evident on her entire family. 

But that all changed when one fateful day when her husband Curtis was researching on the internet and happened across this website. He printed out the entire contents of the website and took them into his wife. He read the information to her, and as he did, they both cried tears of joy as they knew that they had found the answer to her mysterious and disabling illness.

It’s been less than three weeks since Racheal attended the program in Dallas Texas and I’m happy to share with you her current update. She says:

"It’s only been 17 days since I completed the Dynamic Neural Retraining System Program and my life has changed drastically! There are subtle changes I notice every day and there are HUGE changes I notice every day.

Before the program, I was unable to go into stores without my mask – or if I did take it off for any period of time, I would have severe reactions. Since taking the program I have gone into craft stores, Pier 1 Imports, department stores, restaurants, grocery stores and attended my children’s sporting events all wtihout my mask.

In the past 3 weeks, I have had a beautiful dinner at a steakhouse with my grandfather whom I haven’t seen in over two years. The tears that streamed down my grandfather’s face when he saw me in the restaurant were priceless! And the tears in my Mom’s voice. She knew immediately I was much better! I can never say thank you enough! Am I 100% symptom free yet? No, BUT I will be!! Without a doubt!!!!

Each day is better and better. I know my life will be better than ever….already is! I’ve even eaten pizza three days in a row! Before anything with bread was a huge no-no! I’m also on the computer a couple of times a day which was very limited before. I’m able to communicate with friends and family daily which is something I missed immensely.

Before I started the program Annie asked me to picture a “defining moment” - a time when I would know that I was healthy again. And I know this might sound simple but I said “Pick up my kids from school and be a “normal mommy”. I’m very proud to say I am picking them up from school and I’m able to attend their school functions and sporting events. And much more than all of this, I'm back at home and busy baking Christmas goodies with my children and playing Christmas music throughout the house which is something I was unable to do before. I am also much more at peace.  In fact I told my husband the other night that I felt more at peace and joyful than I could ever remember feeling.

This weekend is my husband’s Christmas party. I never imagined being able to attend, but now I plan on being there with bells on! This has been a huge blessing not just for me, but for my entire family. They have their wife and Mommy BACK! Thank you!"  


Racheal and family

Racheal and Gavin



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