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Success Stories

Other Limbic System Conditions

Thilde - MCS and EHS Brittney - Lyme Disease, MCS, EHS, POTS, Anxiety, Depression, Food Sensitivities, PTSD for 25 years

"I'm getting my life back in ways I couldn't even imagine".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Frances - POTS; Food Sensitivities; Light and Sound Sensitivities; Multiple Chemical Sensitivities; Lyme Disease

"The biggest achievement so far has been performing in my dancing school's ball. I danced and I felt great for the rest of the night!".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Paula - Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and
Anxiety for 5 years

"Recovery is beyond anything I could ever imagine".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Jessica - POTS, Chronic Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, Food Sensitivities, Mold Sensitivity, Chronic Pain, PTSD, some obsessive-compulsive tendencies as well as Attention Deficit Disorder.

"I am shaking my head and pinching myself and overcome with gratitude. Wow!!! I am getting my life back!".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Judy - Food Intolerance for 17 years

"Even though I'm an RN, we learned about the limbic system...but I never thought that this was causing all of this problem".

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Paul - CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCSPaul - Fibromyalgia, CFS, MCS and Chronic Pain for 20 years

"I wish I had found DNRS earlier. It would had
saved a whole lot of time, suffering and money".

video View Paul's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Erica - Food Intolerance and MCS for 5 years

"I was a (DNRS) skeptic too - I wasted a year and a half of my life being a skeptic. Just give it your all and you'll be amazed!".

video View Erica's testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Dan - MCS, EHS, Food Sensitivities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Depression for 10 years

" Since my recovery, I have been like a sponge. I want to experience and learn all that I can"

video View Dan's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Narguis - Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and MCS for 20 years

"I would ask people to have courage and make the change. This will be the start of a complete new life. You can do it. I have".

video View Narguis's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Erin - Food Sensitivities and MCS for 20 years

"This is the catalyst for change that you are looking for….I am 98% better from Food Sensitivities. I eat everything except for two (kinds of) nuts".

video View Erin's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Lauren - Food Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MCS, Aniexty, and Depression for 28 years

"And I feel more like a human. I don't know how to describe that. Laughing, joking, being goofy, silly, ... It's like "wow, is this really me? ".

video View Lauren's video testimonial

Thilde - MCS and EHS Bil - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivities, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 5 years

"DNRS is different because it works at a different starting point - the base of the illness. rather than trying to deal with the symptoms".

video View Bil's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Elaine - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Food Sensitivities, Lung Infection, Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome for 8 years

"The doctor's reports showed that inflammation was extremely reduced, and congestion completely gone. The CT scan showed no cloudiness in my lungs.".

video View Elaine's video testimoial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Mara - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Food Sensitivities
for 6 years

"Some of the symptoms (I used to experience)
were brain fog, fatigue, food and skin sensitivities,
and heart palpitations".

video View Mara's video testimonial


Food Allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 10 years

I did the DNRS home video program last December and since then have made a complete recovery from food allergies and chemical sensitivities.

After staying home to avoid allergic reactions to chemical fragrances, cleaning chemicals, and extreme food allergies, and cooking from scratch all my own food for 10 years, I have gone in the past few months to eating countless restaurant meals, traveling quite a bit (8 flights so far with no issues), staying in hotels including sleeping on their sheets and using their towels, going to concerts, parties, movies, dinner at people's houses, etc., etc., with no adverse reactions at all and no fear.  

I'm like an excited little kid, wanting to go someplace new every day and try something else to have fun and enjoy life.  At the same time, I'm much more relaxed and comfortable everywhere, since I am not "on guard" afraid of having a reaction to something.  

This is so unbelievable and yet I am living proof that it did happen.  The "old" me who was sick all the time and afraid to live life is gone, I can hardly even relate to how that was even though I was that way for 12 years.  Now I can go anywhere I like and do anything I want and really, I don't even think twice.  

So grateful and amazed and energized these days--making up for lost time by taking every opportunity to have a full and rich life now that I can!



Severe Food Allergies, Fatigue and Fibromyalgia for 6 years

I just wanted to share some good news I got recently. I did a follow up G.I. panel to track my progress since starting the DNRS program.

I did a test called the Expanded GI panel. It is very thorough, and looks at many levels of the gut, digestion etc. I have done it MANY TIMES in the last 6 years. In fact, this test saved my life in 2007 when I was so sick with IT"S and had no idea why. This is the test we ran that revealed my allergies to wheat, soy, egg and milk. So, I got all of my results today and I am THRILLED WITH SOME OF THEM. more...

POTS/dysautonomia, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, and Hashimotos

It has been a year since I took this program. I'm doing so well and so blessed by this.

I have been diagnosed with POTS/dysautonomia, mast cell activation disorder, and Hashimotos.

I'm SO thankful for getting better. I used to be homebound, able to eat only 7 things, unable to be around people, and pretty miserable ALL the time.

I have made such lasting improvements. I tell my friends about your program all the time and I have 2 other friends that have done it with great improvements.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you have done and PLEASE consider letting me share my testimonial on a video or at a conference at some point. I have given you the extremely limited version. My story is really amazing and such a inspiration for people when they here it. DNRS has changed my life and the lives of my husband and children.

Jared Scavotto













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