• • • NARGUIS: Chronic Pain and MCS for 20 years

DNRS Erin Food and Chemical SensitivitiesFollowing the birth of her first child in 1989 Narguis moved to a newly built house in the Pyranees that required three different applications of insecticide to its beams. An onset of health issues started.

During her second pregnancy in 1997 she suffered the full impact of MCS whilst moving house. Her new rental home had been treated with pesticides. That first night Narguis woke with difficulty in breathing and swallowing, her airways were burning. She ran outside shocked and frightened into the cool night air unable to understand what was going on.

Four moves later her GP referred her to Professor Jonathan Brostoff - an Allergy specialist who sent Narguis to The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital where she received homeopathic desensitization in which she was unable to tolerate.

Narguis had experienced symptoms of burning of mucus membranes in her mouth, throat, lungs, stomach and eyes. She became totally exhausted and disorientated. She had loss of concentration, memory and balance, feeling constantly cold with flu like symptoms. For the last fifteen years Narguis has managed her condition through nutritional therapy, clinical kinesiology and cranial osteopathy.

Narguis moved to a safe environment and followed professional advice for dietary, detoxification and avoidance protocols in order to minimize the effect of exposure to chemicals.

Three years later her specialist recommended a book by Norman Doidge “The Brain That Changes Itself”. Narguis started researching neuroplasticity and came across Annie Hopper a former sufferer of MCS who had developed a program that utilizes neuroplasticity to retrain the limbic system of the brain.

In May 2012 Narguis set off from England to attend Annie’s program in Zurich, Switzerland. Within three months she was able to enter environments that previously would have triggered an extreme response. She now has have good energy, sleep, concentration and focus.

Narguis feels immense gratitude for her recovering health and happiness. As an ex nursing sister she had absolutely no doubts at all that this process would work. Clinical Kinesiology two weeks post Zurich demonstrated that her nutritional/homeopathic support has been greatly reduced. Her specialist found that she looked, sounded and tested very differently; he requested that Narguis share this information with everyone.

Narguis states "I now embrace my new life with heartfelt thanks to Annie Hopper and her team".

Narguis' original testimonial appears below. For her one-year update testimonial, click here.



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