• • • MICHELE: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for eight years

Michele Chronic Fatigue for 8 yearsMichele had suffered from severe chronic fatigue syndrome for 8 long years. She also suffered from asthma, allergies and numerous intolerances. She says, “I discovered something that is worse than dying - and that is feeling dead, but still being alive.” Like many others in this position, Michele had already tried an exhaustive list of therapies and treatments - some seemed to help a bit, while many actually made her symptoms worse.

Michele flat-rested for 4 – 6 hours a day and spent the rest of the day in a reclining chair. There were only 2 hours in the afternoon where she would muster up the energy to do even the smallest of tasks - like have a shower. Michele did not have the cognitive capacity to read, write, do basic math, to be on a computer or talk on the phone. She also had several noise intolerances and could not listen to music, the radio or watch TV. In fact, this once well-spoken woman could barely speak. Being around people was almost impossible.

Michele was in fact completely disabled – but you couldn’t tell this just by looking at her. From outward appearances she “looked fine”. Limbic system impairment related illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities, or light, sound or food sensitivities, or depression, anxiety and electric hypersensitivity syndrome are all invisible illnesses. Often times your friends and family cannot understand how you can be so ill when you don’t look sick.

Michele first started the Dynamic Neural Retraining System program with the DVD series. After a mere three weeks with the DVD program, she was so astonished by her gains in cognitive ability, physical stamina and clarity that she absolutely wanted to attend the next in-person program.

Michele travelled all the way from Calgary, Alberta to Ojai, California to attend the next program - and she was completely amazed by this experience. On the fifth day of the program, she experienced a day that she could not have dreamt about just a few weeks earlier. She woke up at 8:30 in the morning and was completely engaged physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the entire day. Then she went out for dinner at a restaurant, went for a long walk and even went to a movie. All on the same day! She didn’t get back to her hotel until after 11 pm! Then the next day she was completely productive again. The crash that would normally come after any one of the activities just didn’t happen.

"I now plan my day around activities instead of planning my activities around my energy"

In an update 8 months after Michele attended the in-person program, she said “A few weeks ago I posted about walking down our long beach hill and I said when I walked up said hill I would be 1000% recovered. That hill has been calling to me ever since and tonight I answered the call. I walked all the way down and turned right around and walked back up. A forty-minute power walk, 25 minutes of which was mostly up hill. I walked up that hill like a pro. Wow – so awesome! I can do anything I want!"

"Am I 1000% recovered? Perhaps that is a small exaggeration but I am recovered nonetheless. And this recovery will continue to ripen and mature in the way an athlete or a student gets better and better at something as they practice. "

In the video clip below, Michele speaks at a DNRS Information Night session in her hometown of Calgary Alberta. Michele - who is now once again articulate and coherent - describes how the Dynamic Neural Retraining System gets to the root of the problem and "fixes what needs to be fix" - rather than chasing symptoms.

A text transcription version of this video can be found here.



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