• • • MARA: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 6 years

Since 2006, Mara had tried everything to treat chemical sensitivities - infrared saunas, homeopathy, emotional freedom technique, diet, etc. But she was still impacted by a heightened sense of smell, brain fog, fatigue, food and skin sensitivities, heart palpitations, etc.

She took the Dynamic Neural Retraining System course in Toronto October 2012. She rates her recovery 3 months later as close to 90%.

In Mara's own words, the reason why DNRS works is because it deals with the source of the problem instead of the symptoms of the problem. "It is the best thing I've ever done; and the best money I've ever spent; with the best results ever!"



2014 Update From Mara

Mara writes that she is in the process of completing her Masters degree in Organizational Development and Leadership - something she could not have done before DNRS - due to her brain fog and intolerance of chemicals in public spaces.

In addition to being healed of chemical sensitivities she reports that a wonderful "side effect" of her DNRS training is an increase in energy levels. She works out regularly; has joined a singing group; a spiritual group and volunteers at both school and work.



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