• • • KATHERINE: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 13 years

Katherine MCS for 13 yearsKatherine Austen saw three different practitioners and spent over
£70,000 ($107,000) in search of a solution to a 13 year old problem.

The British actress lost her job and had to move because her increasing reactions to even the smallest amounts of chemicals in her home and workplace. 

As she became increasingly reactive, she also became more and more accepting of her condition and less and less hopeful of a way to recover.  Then she heard about Annie Hopper's Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ (DNRS) and its 14-hour DVD Series based on Hopper's popular Live Program.

Katherine ordered the DVD Set.  And although she says that she was "extremely sceptical" about the program, she says that scepticism was quickly swept aside as soon as she started practicing and began noticing changes right away. She then approached the six month program with a sense of zeal and purpose.

Today, she is within the end of her six month practice and declares that her 13 year nightmare is over!

Katherine shares her story in a short Q&A session below. 

Do you know what trigggered your illness?
- I think a number of things, as you said in the DVD “a perfect storm” – moved into a flat that had been refurbished, over working, not eating very healthy, antibiotics and stress.

How many different practitioners did you and how much money did you spend prior to taking the DNRS program?
- I saw three different practitioners and £70,000 ($110,000)

How did the illness affect your life? (physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially) 
- I had to move because of it. I lost my job and had to change career and work from home. I didn’t go out socially as much. My friends and family initially thought I was going mad. My sense of smell went through the roof I could detect and smell small amounts of chemicals that I hadn’t noticed before. If I went into cities I would really suffer. I was extremely angry and upset at what had happened. As the years went by I had got to the point where I just thought “Oh well, this is it for me. I’ve been dealt a duff card. It’s not great but there are lots of people worse off then me.” I had no idea you could recover from MCS. I was extremely sceptical about the DNRS but soon had to put any scepticism to one side because as soon as I started practicing I noticed changes straight away.

18 Month Update

"Hi Annie and Candy - I’ve been meaning to email for ages. I completed the DNRS just over 18 months ago and have had such amazing success. I emailed you at the time to say how well it had worked. I wanted to give you a quick update.

15 years ago when I first developed CFS and MCS I used to model. I had modeled full time with a top London agency since leaving school. As you can imagine getting sick abruptly ended my career - couldn't tolerate products, didn't have the energy etc. I actually got fired from an agency as I refused to do a shoot as it involved going in a swimming pool.

Well after doing the DNRS I have been able to rekindle my career! I am now in my 40's and in the "classic" market (this means middle aged!) but I have been booked on quite a few shoots and guess what have been in swimming pools and been totally fine. I have attached a recent photo from a holiday brochure I did and you can see me in the pool. The best bit of the recovery has been my sense of smell normalising, I never thought it would happen but Annie you were right.

I just wanted to thank you all again and am so glad I found DNRS."





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