• • • JUDY: Food Intolerance for 17 years

Judy weighed only 78 pounds when she attended the Dynamic Neural Retraining System program in November of 2012. At that time, Judy's eyes were hollow, her skin was grey, she was very weak and - in her own words - "looked like I just came out of a concentration camp".

Judy Before DNRSJudy had suffered from severe food sensitivities for 17 years that she feels was exacerbated by various underlying conditions throughout her life - including Hepatitis, Candida and Lyme Disease. Judy went on to also develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Chemical Sensitivities.

As a registered nurse, Judy was very educated and informed about the workings of the body. She did a lot of research on her own and had also been to countless medical professionals looking for answers. Judy and her husband had spent "in the hundreds of thousands of dollars" trying to find answers to her escalating health issues. Judy had tried elimination diets, candida diets and rotation diets, yet nothing was working. No matter what she did, she was becoming more and more sensitive to food. Judy continued to lose weight and her muscles were wasting away.

By December 2011, Judy's food sensitivities had become so severe that she was barely able to eat anything. She could literally span her finger and thumb around her upper arm. Judy goes on to say "I was losing foods by the day. I panicked. I could clearly see the writing on the wall and knew that if the illness continued to progress, it wouldn't be long before I would be unable to eat any foods."

What would follow over the next six months of training after the DNRS program could be described as nothing less than remarkable.

Judy's family and friends were completely astonished at the changes that started taking place after the program. Judy immediately started gaining weight; her sensitivities decreased, her thyroid function normalized; her muscle strength and energy returned and her skin colouring returned to normal again.

In this video testimonial, the former registered nurse tells how it all made sense that limbic system dysfunction was at the very root of the problem and that other treatments were merely addressing the symptoms - not the cause. "It's like a hornet's nest - and you're trying to swat the individual hornets that come out of the nest instead of just dealing with the nest. This deals with the 'nest' - it goes to the root of the problem".

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System is a non-invasive drug-free approach to healing based on the step-by-step rehabilitation techniques used in neuroplasticity therapy, which re-wires the limbic system in the brain to build more functional neural pathways and correct the associated maladapted stress response.

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