• • • JANET: Fibromyalgia and MCS for 33 years

DNRS Thomas Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 7 years

Janet had suffered from fibromyalgia since she was hit by a truck when she was 14. She suffered MCS later on in her life as a result of new carpets that were installed in her office building.

Like many others, Janet had known someone personally who had taken the Dynamic Neural Retraining System and had recovered. "I want what you have!", she told her friend.

Janet took the DNRS program in Halifax Canada and discovered just how quickly neuroplasticity can work. Her transformation in less than a week after taking the program not only surprised her, but her fellow co-workers as well. She had no physical pain; her joints don't hurt; her muscles don't burn, and she has more energy. Her sense of smell had also normalized.

"I now have what that girl has!"



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