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DNRS Erin Food and Chemical Sensitivities
Unbeknown to me, there was mold at the school where I taught in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, unexplained headaches turned into migraines.  Symptoms gradually got worse and five years later, I was having seizures and stroke-like symptoms.  I became allergic to all but 18 foods. 
When I would eat foods I had become allergic to, it would result in a mysterious paralysis!

My quest to determine what was causing the strange and bizarre symptoms was actually the beginning of an experience that was like something out of a science fiction movie.  Fifty-two (Yes, 52!) doctors including general practitioners, chiropractors, allergists, neurologists, and specialists in gastro-intestinal, hormone, thyroid, etc., were all unable to determine the cause of my strange illness.  My successful teaching career came to an abrupt halt. The diagnosis from Doctor # 53 was toxic encephalopathy.  A Spect Scan revealed the mold on my brain (the injury). 

By October 2007, I had become a wheelchair-bound invalid.  It was at this point, that my husband and I realized that I was most likely going to die, and that the death certificate would read “cause unknown”.  After a ten-hour seizure that was triggered by a glass cleaner, local emergency room doctors confirmed our worst fear.  If I were to survive they said “the risk of brain damage would be high”. Their somber advice to my husband was “get her affairs in order”. 

By now, small concentrations of mold, perfume, cologne, chlorine, and the blue cleaner used in restaurants caused seizures or loss of motor skills, and would result in paralysis that would last up to 2 days; a cycle that repeated itself hundreds of times over the past 10 years. 

Seventy-five different types of therapies later, I was still reacting!

When I looked at Annie Hopper’s website, the claims sounded too good to be true; but at that point in my healing journey I really didn’t have too much to lose.  When the limbic system has maladapted, whether you are the victim of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, matters not.  My limbic system had truly become my autopilot, running faulty programming and holding me hostage--unbeknownst to me. 

I ordered the DNR DVD Series the week it was released and I am so glad I did! During the first week, while watching the Series or practicing the Retraining Steps, I noticed several distinct shifts in my brain. I have been amazed at all the applications of Neuroplasticity!

Five months into the program, I was able to dine in any restaurant. Woo, Woo! I could pick the restaurant, sit where ever the hostess escorted us to, not worry about perfumes, colognes or spray cleaners and; stay as long as I wanted to. Freedom!

A couple of months ago I even attended my daughter’s graduation ceremony, which I miraculously did with ease.  All three of our daughters who now live away from home were also in attendance. 

After sharing a beautiful lunch the following day we said goodbye to our three lovely daughters.  As they drove away I started to cry. I cried because our life as we knew it has forever changed.  Our daughters are grown up and moved away.  But what is most dramatic and memorable however is that I am no longer a prisoner of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.

DNRS Gloria Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for 8 yearsNeuroplasticity truly is a paradigm in healing. This program is superb. I am so glad I found Annie’s website. This is a picture of me and two of our three daughters at Texas Roadhouse on Mother’s Day 2012. Shift really does happen. I like it!

It has been six months now since I completed the DNR System DVD Series. The results have been so astounding, my friends, family and I are still totally amazed! In May, I made two sole trips to help care for my aging parents who live 250 miles away. Before DNR, that would not have been possible.

I am going on a 500 mile trip this coming weekend. Our oldest twin daughter is deploying to Afghanistan and we are attending her deployment ceremony at Ft. Riley, Kansas to see her off. In the past, any of the above mentioned “stresses” would have landed me in bed for days—NO MORE. Woo! Woo! I am even going back to teaching; I have accepted a tutoring position that starts next week. For my six month update, I would like to share my DNR benefits from A-Z.

Annie Hopper, I’m glad I found you!

Body aches have been totally eliminated.

Chronic Fatigue is no more!

DNR System detoxes the brain.

Eating out has become my pastime.

Fibromyalgia is vamoose!

Gasoline fuels my car…..not me!

Headaches have disappeared.

Immediate muscle weakness--only for the love of my life--my husband.

Just say No to chronic pain.

Knowledge about limbic system impairments is power.

Little piece of heaven is found at www.dnrsystem.com.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and mold are only skeletons in my closet.

No more migraines!

Odors no longer cause nausea.

Perfumes and seizures are not synonymous!

Quadrupled my energy…..what chronic fatigue?

Respirator went out the window the first month.

Some scented products actually smell nice.

Traveler is what I am becoming!

Unmasking leads to healing.

Very glad I understand the importance of living toxin-free.

What could be better than good health and a good support group?

eX-canary…..that’s me!

Yes, life is ¡muy bueno!

Zzz’s are what I get because insomnia is gone. 


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