• • • FRANCES: POTS, Chemical Sensitivities, Food Sensitivities,
Light and Sound Sensitivities, Heat Intolerance for 3 years

What a Difference a Year Makes

A Christmas Story of Hope and Recovery from Australia

The holiday season can be a time of hope and magic.  With this in mind, we are excited to share Frances’ inspiring story of healing with you. 
Last year at Christmas, Clare and Ralph from Sydney, Australia had desperate fears for their daughter who was literally wasting away in front of their eyes.  Despite all of their best efforts, and exploring many traditional and non-traditional treatments, their 23 year- old daughter Frances was in a hospital bed at home, unable to sit up at more than a few degrees. Frances was bed-ridden and totally dependent on her parents for all of her meals and personal care.  She was unable to be upright at all and she had to be carried to the washroom.  
The endless doctors that they had seen were unable to effectively treat Frances’ growing list of diagnoses and peculiar symptoms. Their once very active and athletic daughter was now unrecognizable and weighed only 92lbs (42kg) due to her increasing intolerance to various foods. They were desperate and sick with worry but kept pursuing every avenue they could find to make progress.
Frances suffered from POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), food sensitivities, light sensitivities, sound sensitivities and heat intolerance for three years. Her diet had become extremely limited and she couldn't tolerate any sound or light on her right side. Despite her friends' efforts to visit her, Frances was unable to be with them due to her severe chemical sensitivities.  A General Practitioner doctor had diagnosed Frances with Lyme disease - however Lyme is not an official diagnosis in Australia.  Frances’ symptoms had been the most severe for the last three years but Frances recalls that she had suffered from some level of sensitivities for about 13 years. 
Frances found out about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System from her aunt who was furiously searching the Internet to find an answer. Her aunt was convinced that of the billions of people on the planet, there surely was one who had suffered from the peculiar combination of symptoms that were now plaguing Frances. 

Lauren Dinkel Before and After DNRSThat’s when she “happened” across Lauren Dinkel’s website that guided her to the Dynamic Neural Retraining System program.   After realizing that Lauren had also suffered and fully recovered from extremely similar symptoms, they immediately purchased the DVD series.   While training with the instructional DVDs, Frances also booked regular coaching sessions with Lauren to assist with her recovery process.  Through this process, Frances made a phenomenal recovery. She managed to walk again, expanded her diet, and her sense of smell began to normalize.
After a few months however, Frances' resolve began to wane. At the time she felt she was about 80% recovered and so she decided to attend an in person seminar to boost herself through that last 20% of her recovery.  Frances - through her work with the DVDs - was able to travel from Australia to Ojai California with her father to attend the seminar.
We are very happy to report that since Frances attended the in-person program, she is now catching up the things in her young life that were put on hold during the course of her decline in health.

Frances' Graduation

Frances wrote us to say:  "I got to have a graduation ceremony!  I missed my own one in 2013, and after  hearing my story the Dean allowed me to take part in a ceremony.  My Mum, Dad and Grandpa all came and it was a very emotional day for all of us"

"The biggest achievement so far has been performing in my dancing school's ball! Our dance was a mix of Latin and Ballroom styles, and it went for 9 and a half minutes, which is a really long time for a dance performance. I danced and I felt great for the rest of the night!"

Just last week Frances sang in a Christmas performance of Handel’s Messiah – performing for 2 hours right in the very front row.  All of these would have seemed quite impossible a year ago.  





This interview with Frances was recorded just after she completed the 5-day in person DNRS seminar where she also got to meet her inspiration and mentor, Lauren, who we presented as a surprise guest speaker to the group. In this video, Frances talks about the benefit of working within a close group of like-minded individuals and what she gained by attending the seminar.


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