• • • FOREST: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 15 years

Forest had a goal.

A grandmother-to-be back in December 2011, Forest's daughter was scheduled to give birth to her baby in May of the following year.

Unfortunately, Forest could not be in her daughter's house; or in the hospital; or around various baby products like lotions and powders. Forest had suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 15 years.

Forest had heard about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ from Planet Thrive. Forest had a goal to take the DVD version of the course and be MCS-Free by May 2012.

Forest received her set of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System DVDs just before Christmas 2011. Forest was excited about this early Christmas gift!

Months passed. In June, we here at DNRS received the following letter and picture from Forest.

DNRS Forest with Sage"Here is my BIG news!  I have just spent another week at my daughter's house with Sage, the cutest little being in the world (I say that about all newborns). Besides being in their renovated home with ease, I also went twice to a hospital, as she had some health issues. In addition this past week, I gassed up my car, rode the subway in Boston (it's been over 15 years!) used public restrooms and walked through China town stopping in random shops, stayed at a new friends home without EVEN mentioning having had MCS!!!   All of this with ease and the absence of bodily reactions!!! Yay to healing!!

If I had the money I would have flown out to your recent (Victoria Canada) workshop to be a guest speaker and share my victories and meet the two of you (Annie and James).

With sincere thanks for what I have learned from you Annie. By the way, I continue to watch the DVDs over and over- as I want to let my brain keep soaking in this material.

Happy Summer Solstice,  and here is an image of Sage and me - my dream come true of being able to be with her." - Forest

Forest continues to do well. In July she wrote "My latest victories include going into the bank, which for the past 15 years I have used the drive up window only! I savored every moment of it.

 And in the beginning of August I will be flying to Colorado to see my 94 year old father! That will include driving two and half hours to Boston and taking a bus to the airport!  Unimaginable before this training. Very GOOD, Very GOOD, YEAH!!!"

In October 2012, Forest's desire to meet Annie, Candy, and James came true. Forest was a guest speaker at our Northampton Massachusetts program. This is her story that she shared with our class.



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