"In just 5 months I was back to eating anything I wanted and going wherever I wanted! "
- Dan Ross


Dan: Before and After DNRSDan Ross was sick of being sick. The once robust former navy veteran suffered a series of life crises in 2005 that started to take a toll on his body.  It began with headaches, skin rashes, nausea, and extreme weakness. His symptoms continued to worsen over time and Dan would eventually be diagnosed with a gamut of chronic and mysterious illnesses including Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Food & Environmental Sensitivities, Allergies, Leaky Gut Syndrome, AdrenalFatigue, Low Testosterone/ DHEA/Thyroid Hormones, Brain Damage, Heavy Metal Toxicity, and Slow Intestinal Motility.


Dan’s quest for recovery took him to a sweeping range of treatments and various countries to find an answer. He saw scores of doctors and specialists including mainstream medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, dermatologists, and the best environmental illness doctors in the United States.  “I tried everything imaginable and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find a cure".


Dan's YouTube Plea for Help

By 2012, Dan was suicidal, broke and reduced to a shell of his former vibrant self.  Only his strong faith in God kept him going some days.  His once 200 pound frame had wilted away to 119 pounds. Desperate for help, he made a public plea with this YouTube video.  



Dan Ojai


Dan started the Dynamic Neural Retraining System DVDs in the spring of 2014. He used his boot camp mentality that he gained in the navy to apply to the program, supplementing the DNRS exercises with yoga, dance,meditation and biking.  Within weeks he noticed that his seasonal allergies were lessening - and by two and a half months - his MCS was completely gone!  Dan started to recover from all of his other conditions one by one shortly after.  Today Dan declares himself fully recovered.



This video of Dan was filmed at the six month mark of starting the DNRS program - at the very same spot where he made his public plea video two years earlier.  Dan has since regained his full vigour for life and is enjoying the things he used to before he became ill.  He bikes, plays the occasional game of tennis, has pursued his interest in dog training, and loves to be on the water fishing and catching the big one.  He can use a computer and is now at a healthy weight and can enjoy eating whatever he wants to. He has healed strained relationships with some family members and has recently met three of his grandchildren for the first time in person.

Dan and his familyDan playing tennisDan with kids and grandkidsDan and dog


One year after completing the DNRS program, Dan was our guest speaker at our live California program where he received a thunderous applause from the class for sharing his story and offering words of hope and
conviction to each of the participants.  Dan also got to meet Annie Hopper who he called his “angel of recovery”.

Annie Hopper with Dan Ross

Dan continues to give back and inspire others with his remarkable story of recovery. He is an inspirational participant on the DNRS Community forum where his story of hope has other members proclaiming
"If Dan can...WE can!"

Dan also shares his story on his website www.rewiredinspired.com



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