• • • CANDY: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 3 years

DNRS Erin Food and Chemical Sensitivities
"My worst day was a day where I couldn’t function at all. I was in bed, I couldn’t get up, I had to call on extended family members to actually come and look after myself and my son, because I couldn’t even take care of my own basic needs".


Candy is now a certifield DNRS FacilitatorThat's how Candy - a single mother - described her health back then in 2009 before taking the Dynamic Neural Retaining program in person. Today, Candy is not only fully recovered from both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, but the Canadian registered clinical cousellor is also now a certified senior DNRS Facilitator and Coach, dedicated to helping others achieve the same degree of success as herself using the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™.

DNRS Candy Widdifield and son nowAnd Candy adds about her relationship now with her son: "Now my ability to be there for my son and to function as a normal parent and to do activities with him has increased. And so, it’s great! We have a great, great relationship and we can spend that quality time together. And I don’t constantly disappoint him by saying, 'Well, maybe, but we’ll have to see how my energy is. Maybe I can take you swimming. Maybe we can go for a hike. We’ll see.' And then disappointing him when Saturday rolls around and I’m not functioning. That is probably one of the biggest positive factors in my life after having done the DNRS training, that I can be the kind of parent that I want to be - and that is so important".



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