• • • BRITTNEY: Lyme Disease, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Food Sensitivities, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Chemical and Electric Sensitivities for 4 years

“I’m Getting My Life Back in Ways I Couldn’t Even Imagine”

Brittney’s debilitating conditions read like a complete Medical Journal of Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses:

Lyme Disease
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Electro Magnetic Sensitivities
Anxiety Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Food Allergies/Sensitivities
Immune Dysfunction

The young Canadian woman had suffered from these conditions for the past four years, living a very isolated and restricted life.  

She had travelled to different countries to seek treatment and had tried dozens of intense treatments, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and not getting much relief, if any at all. She had tried conventional medicines, naturopathic approaches, Chinese medicine, ozone, IV antibiotics for a year, radical lifestyle/diet changes, chelation, Meyers cocktail, genetic testing/therapies, energy therapies, counseling, reiki with very little relief - if any at all.  With her body unable to tolerate any further form of treatments, she became bed bound, isolated and barely able to sit up. She also required 24/7 care.

It seemed like the more treatments that she tried, the more disabled she became. Brittney had become so sensitive that she was unable to tolerate any forms of treatment and became bedridden and wheelchair bound - barely able to sit up.

Brittney had to live in a dark bedroom, away from all of the sensory stimuli that might trigger grand mal seizures and other debilitating symptoms. She was rushed to the hospital on numerous occasions and Brittney was beginning to accept the idea that she would have to live this way for the rest of her life…until she happened across Lauren’s website.

“When I read Lauren’s story, I was reading my life” Brittney said.  “I had experienced what Lauren experienced, and the fact that she fully recovered – I felt in my heart this was the answer! ”

Britney proceeded to order the Dynamic Neural Retraining System DVD set.

Within 2 weeks started to experience changes that she had never experienced with other treatments. In less than six months, Brittney made progress that can only be classified as a "medical miracle".

Motivated by her own remarkable progress with the DVDs, Brittney decided to register for the In-Person program to take her recovery to the next level. She attended the program alone - no longer requiring 24/7 care due to the progress she had already made with the DVDs and supplemental coaching.

“The In Person program was a lot more than what I expected. I expected it to be similar to the DVDs – just kind of re-enforcing what I had been practicing". With tears of gratitude and a big smile, Brittney adds, “But coming to the in-person program was a great experience! I'm getting my life back in ways I never imagined!”



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