• • • BONNYE: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 23 years

DNRS Thomas Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 7 yearsI just have to share! I took the course and in 3.5 days my MCS problems were GONE! Permanently. It's GONE and it was at the severe level.

Initially I had developed severe brain impairment, had a distractibilty score of 6%, my organizational skills were shot. Brain maps showed I couldn't walk (I walk visually after I taught myself as shown on a brain map), I hear what I see, and my memory was terrible----just a mess.

When I was poisoned initially (1988) I decided to write. A clinical psychologist told me whatever skills I kept practicing I'd keep. Whatever I quit practicing I'd lose. I wrote two books to help others and hopefully prevent others from getting MCS even though I was terribly sick. Defining Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 2007, and Chemical Sensitivity: A Guide to Coping with Hypersensitivity Syndrome, Sick Building Syndrome or other Environmental Illnesses 2008.

I had moved to Alaska where MCS symptoms somewhat improved. However, since taking the DNRS course, I've found phenomenal progress in a restoration of what was possible in life before poisoning.

Tonight I wrote this to my doctor back in Seattle: "I just have to share. The changes since I took that neuroplasticity course are amazing. What joy I find daily in the freedom to come and go as I please! I also am finding that my brain, free from the reactive mode, is learning again with more ease.

My organizational skills were shot to pieces from poisoning. With all that I'm doing now, I have an amazing amount of things to keep track of - my organizational skills are returning! I'm finding that fascinating. I probably wouldn't have noticed the change except that I have so many details now. I have completed my first novel in a series about the peopling of the Americas, found a publisher who'd take not only it on but also the entire series, and I am busy learning how to operate a business where I can do some direct and indirect sales as well as book signings and talks while I write the second book. I have to learn a computerized bookkeeping/accounting program to merge with my accountant, develop a website, get PayPal for the website and a swiper for my smart phone (which I couldn't have been in the room with prior to the course), and keep totally organized. On top of it all the next part of book 2 is starting to bubble up. It's as if this part of my life is experiencing a second bloom phase. How wonderful!

What I'm trying to say is that when the limbic system relaxes, then other parts of the brain can begin to improve function without being formally trained to do so.

Annie Hopper, thank you for the course. I am so thrilled to see the change initially but to see the restoration of some parts of my mental function I thought I might have lost forever, not a real restoration, but more like a rewiring. It's fantastic. The course keeps on giving. I thought you might like to know that on Amazon where I did a brief bio in the Author Central section, I mentioned you by name. My list of books is two Chemical Sensitivity books in hardcover and paperback and then a prehistoric history novel. I figured that people might wonder what was up, so I let them know. I also wanted people to know that although I'd written the MCS books, cure is possible.

I've experienced such amazing changes since the course! My entuhsiasm for the DNRS never ends. What I cannot fathom is why some people will continue to pay a fortune each month for non-cures. Oh, well. I am blessed to have experienced a cure----plus a continuing improvement of function. I am truly in a second bloom phase and am loving every moment of it. Thank you!


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