• • • ANDREA: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome for 2 years

Andrea, a former drug and alcohol counselor, had suffered from disabling chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities for 2 years. She explored many different healing options and came up empty handed until she found the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ and the fourteen hour instructional DVD Series.

As the illness progressed she lost her job, her friendships and almost lost her relationship. Increasingly she became more and more isolated because of both chemical and electrical sensitivities. She couldn’t be around people – the risk to her health was just too great. She also couldn’t talk on the phone or be on the computer.

Andrea felt very suicidal and did not want to live a life of suffering and isolation.

When she found out about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System program she studied neuroplasticity and realized that the program made sense and committed herself to the program and her healing process.

The first day that her grandson came over and he was able to hug her and Andrea didn’t have a reaction, she knew that she would fully recover. This hug seemed miraculous because up until that point her grandson would have to put on “the safe clothes” that Andrea had for him so that she would not react to the fragrant chemicals in his clothing.

Andrea speaks here to a class of participants attending a Dynamic Neural Retraining System program in California. Andrea states, “Don’t give up, this program works! It’s a miracle that I am here today. I can go anywhere I want and do anything that I want to do. And you can too.”

Read the transcription version hereView the full transcription version of her speech here.





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