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Learn How to Recover from Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia through Re-wiring the Brain

Dynamic Neural Retraining System launches patient program series in the U.S. and Canada:

Toronto ON October 5-7
Northampton MA October 11-13
Santa Fe NM November 9 - 11

Kelowna BC December 7-9

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The live in-person Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ program returns to the east coast of North America this Fall.  The three-day DNRS program facilitates patient recovery from debilitating disorders including multiple chemical sensitivities,  chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and electric hypersensitivity disorder.

Since 2008 my team and I have been traveling internationally to help people successfully recover from disabling illnesses, even those who have been chronically ill for decades. 

The techniques used in the DNRS are based on neuroplasticity therapy, which re-wires the brain to build more functional neural pathways.  The program recruits dormant or new pathways in the brain to restore normal function.  This is similar to the rehab of a stroke patient who learns to recruit other parts of the brain to take over function for the injured area.


Research, published in the peer reviewed medical journal The Annals of Family Medicine, suggests that one in five people suffer from chemical intolerance to fragrances in everyday products.  This could be due to damage caused by frequent exposure to more than 100,000 chemicals in the products we commonly use, few of which have been tested for safety. 


Trauma from chemical injury, bacteria, viruses, electromagnetic fields as well as emotional and psychological stress can shock the brain into disorganizing neural circuits within the limbic system.  DNRS systematically demonstrates how to re-wire neural circuits that influence survival and stress mechanisms, sensory perception, detoxification, immune function and inflammatory responses. 


As a former sufferer of severe chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia and electric hypersensitivity syndrome, I know the extreme effect these illnesses can have on a person's life, in some cases causing them to live in isolation to avoid life threatening symptoms. I'm proud to help suffering patients re-wire their brains and find relief as I did.


There are only a few spots left for both the Toronto and Northampton programs.  Candy Widdifield and myself will be facilitating these live programs together to ensure each and every participant receives maximum individual instruction and attention to customize your own recovery process.

You may want to act now in order to take advantage of our early registration discount of $300.00 off which ends this Saturday September 15th.  Final registration deadline is September 21 (Toronto) and September 27 (Northampton). Only a few spots remain.

We will have a guest speaker on hand for each program.  Tom and Forest are both graduates of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ who have successfully achieved full recovery from limbic system disorders.

Tom recovered from severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and was sleeping in his car at one point. Tom has a remarkable story to share, and he is also a neuro-scientist with a firm belief in DNRS.  Tom will be our guest speaker at our Toronto program.

Forest was a grandmother-to-be. Forest had suffered from severe chemical sensitivities for 14 years and could not be in her daughter's house, or in the hospital, or around baby products like lotions and powders.  Forest started the DNRS training just before Christmas of last year.  Did Forest's dream of being able to be with her granddaughter come true?  You can view her testimonial here.  Forest will be speaking at our Northampton program.

Remember, registration deadlines for our programs are September 21 (Toronto) and September 27 (Northampton). Only 3 days remain to save $300 off the regular price.  Candy, James and I look forward to seeing you there!

 To register for DNRS programs, click here or email us at


Yours in good health,
Annie Hopper
and the DNRS Team




About the Dynamic Neural Retraining System

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System is an innovative Limbic System neural rehabilitation program that assists in recovery from multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, electric hypersensitivity syndrome and anxiety disorders. All applicants are individually assessed for candidacy prior to the program.  For more information, please visit

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Upcoming Programs

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 Toronto ON  
October 5 - 7

Northampton MA  
October 11 - 13

Santa Fe NM  
November 9 - 11

Kelowna BC
December 7 -9

Please note that your expressed interest does not guarantee enrollment in our program.
Each candidate will be individually assessed to determine their candidacy.

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