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Does Neuroplasticity Really Work?
Ask Your Doctor.

We wanted to share with you some exciting news about our travels in Europe and to also let you know that we have extended the early bird registration and deadline for the upcoming Victoria Canada program in June.

Less than 2 weeks ago we taught a hugely successful program in Zurich, Switzerland.

ask your doctorWhat a joy it was for us to share this vital information globally. By the end of the program we felt like we now have extended family in Europe. Lots of tears were shared of joy, gratitude, understanding, and most of all, for the tools to rewire limbic system function.

The participants who attended suffered from a wide range of limbic system disorders including chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, electric hypersensitivity syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder and food sensitivities. What was suprising about this special group is that more than half of the participants had already been working with the DVD program, and they just really wanted the hands on experience that comes with a live program.

Well, I can certainly tell you that they got more than they expected or hoped for.

One person who had already been working with the DVD series and was experiencing positive changes, explained that attending a program live is completely different than the DVD. She said it was like going from listening to your favorite band on a CD to seeing them live at a private performance with an intimate group of friends.

She also added that this was the best investment she has made in her entire life.

The in-person program gave her the opportunity to directly deal with severe chemical sensitivities in an environment that supported her in every possible way. In fact, she was simply amazed that she could physically attend the program and she also noticed an increase in energy as well. This was not something that she imagined possible before attending the program. Since the program she has been able to be more social and do things that she has not been able to do for ten years, like travel to see a good friend.

And everyone agrees that a personal experience in a group dynamic is incredibly powerful. Being witness to personal transformation, both internal and external is beyond anything most had ever dreamed of or prayed for.

Not everyone experiences life transforming results within the live program. We certainly don't believe that everyone has to. After all, making permanent neuroplastic changes does take time and consistent repetition.
However, sometimes a subtle or drastic change in symptoms can occur.

But does it work? In a word - absolutely!

More and more of our referrals continue to come from the established medical community. In fact we even had two doctors among our Switzerland group who had both been to see every specialist known to mankind prior to taking the program. And much to their own shock, they both experienced huge shifts in their symptoms. They almost couldn't believe it! This puts a whole new spin on the term "Doctor heal thyself".

All were incredibly grateful for this new paradigm in healing and excited to know how neuroplasticity can profoundly assist in recovery, even for people who have been suffering for years.

Now our travels take us closer to home for our next program in Victoria British Columbia on June 22 - 24. If you would like the opportunity to experience a live program and experience the profound dynamic of group energy and have personal access to a trained DNRS facilitator, please email us

We have extended the early bird rate (discount of $300 to May 30) and registration deadline is June 7.

Each applicant will be interviewed to determine candidacy for this powerful program.

We are also looking for appropriate venues in the in other parts of North America and - in particular - the U.S. Northeast (New York area). If you know of any potential location that meets our environment and safety requirements, please contact us at and our team will be in contact with you.
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you reclaim your life!

All my best,

Annie Hopper and DNRS™ Team
Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

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