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DNRS™ Program Goes To Switzerland

Switzerland ParliamentSince 2008 the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ has grown to become a very successful, credible, and powerful neuroplasticity based paradigm in healing.   Our limbic system retraining program has been internationally received and instrumental in recovery from various limbic system disorders like Chemical Sensitivities,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome and Anxiety.  

And lately, it seems like the most recent neuroscience research is confirming what we already know to be true – that the brain is capable of change.  

What we also realize at DNRS™ is that not all change is good change.  In fact, in limbic system related disorders the neural circuits have become disorganized through trauma.   

At DNRS™ we understand how these disorganized neural circuits affect the different systems of the body and how this expresses as illness.  And moreover we teach our clients how to correct or rewire these neural circuits so that they can go on to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.   Yes, the testimonials on our website are all true – rewiring your brain can alter your life in the most profound way and make a believer out of anyone.  Even for people who have been suffering for 30 years or had been to see 52 doctors before they found us - like Gloria.

Understanding and learning how to self-direct neuroplastic changes in the brain is driving a revolution in health care, and finally the world is taking notice.  

We have travelled extensively over the last 3 years to bring this teaching to those who need it the most.  Our business for the most part has been word of mouth and is a grass roots movement filled with highly compassionate people who want to share their recovery stories with others in hopes that they can prevent further suffering. 

And to them, we say a big Thank You! for standing on the rooftop and telling people about your recovery.   It is because of your efforts that the medical community is now taking notice.  In fact alternative, environmental, and conventional doctors are referring their patients to this program.  

And now we have a whole country throwing their support behind us.  

We are happy to officially announce that we are hosting a Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ Program in Zurich in May 2012.  The program there will be 5 days as we will have two German translators present as well. 

Closer to home, the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ program returns to Florida April 13 through 15.  We have an amazing special guest speaker attending who will blow you away.  Internationally known fitness guru Phil Kaplan will speak about his own amazing recovery with the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™.  Phil had suffered from severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities due to mold toxicity.  Phil had also seen countless specialists and had spent more than $300,000 before finding us.  And to top it off, he had been misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s along the way! 

Also, if you already have our DVD, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your training to the next level.  Matter of fact, at the Tucson Arizona program last month, we had a few participants who were already training with the DVD series and they mentioned how invaluable it was to attend a live program.  They felt that the group dynamic was incredibly motivating and powerful. 

Thanks again to everyone in our DNRS™ Community who are standing up to be heard in their recovery!  The world is listening and know that your recovery is paving a road with hope and inspiration for countless others.   

(Update on Transcription of DVD Series:  We apologize for the delays with this project and will keep you informed when it becomes available).  

Much Love and Blessings to All,

Annie Hopper
Founder – The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

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