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DNRS™ Announces Release of DVD
Program Transcription

Finally, it’s here at last!

dnrs dvd transcription bookWhen we released our Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ DVD series last year, many of you – particularly those of you with Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome – inquired as to if, and when, we were planning on releasing a transcription booklet of our popular DVD series.

Today we are excited to announce the release of our Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ Transcript. The transcription is available for purchase along with our DVD set and accompanying Student Manual.

All 76,000 words of our DVDs have been transcribed onto a 160 page booklet to follow along in the comfort of your own home. Use the supplementary Student Manual to help you design and implement your own practice.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ has been tremendously successful in helping people recover from Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome. Many of you have already viewed the testimonials on our site from participants who have used DNRS to recover from EHS. Matter of fact, one of our recent testimonial additions to the site comes from Linda. Linda had heard about the program from her friend Karen who had fully recovered from both severe Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome and Chemical Sensitivities. Linda was extremely electrically sensitive when she came to our program one year ago. Linda was not one of the people who had quick results, but was able to recover just the same. You can read Linda’s inspiring story at the link appearing here.

With the launch of our transcription booklet, we continue to expand our network of DNRS™ neuroplasticity pioneers. You can purchase your own special order of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ DVD Series with Transcription booklet by clicking here.

Please note that the transcription booklet is not sold separately.

New Program Announced

We are also happy to announce a new program for Victoria, BC Canada on June 22- 24. This program replaces the one formerly scheduled for Seattle Washington.

This in-person program is an opportunity for you to have access to a Certified DNRS Facilitator for three full days as you learn how to rewire your limbic system or take your training to a new level.

Save $300.00 if you sign up by April 24. So don’t delay. Click here to start your registration process.

All my best,

Annie Hopper and DNRS™ Team
Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

Annie Hopper
Founder – The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

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