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In my career as a Core Belief Counsellor, I have been writing a popular weekly column for the Kelowna Capital News since early 2005. "Emotional Rescue" focuses on issues of self-awareness, relationships, and empowering yourself .

Today, I still write a weekly column for the Capital News, however many of my articles now focus on the amazing science of Neuroplasticity and the brain's innate ability to heal itself - as a result of my own recovery from mcs.

Below are samples of articles I have written in the past that touch upon my own experiences with multiple chemical sensitivities, and vital ground-breaking information for those on their own brain-healing journey.



"MCS Recovery - Part 1" - As the illness progressed, I became increasingly sensitive to common everyday chemical cleaners and hygiene products including laundry detergents, perfumes and colognes, hair sprays, and air fresheners. (First published October 05, 2008)

"MCS Recovery - Part 2" - Rewiring brain structure has been known to alleviate symptoms of many illness including fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and many others. (First published October 13, 2008)

"Time to Change Mental Filter" - By entertaining a different thought we actually change the physical wiring of our brain. This creates new thought pathways that lead to different feelings and ultimately different results. The more that we travel this new thought pathway, the easier it becomes. (First published September 21, 2008)

"The Effects of Stress on the Brain and the Body" - My personal experience with overcoming an “incurable” illness such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivities speaks to our ability to manually change brain structure and function, and by doing so we are able to transform our state of physical health. (First published November 10, 2008)

"Re-Wire Your Brain" - Imagine that you have an illness that prevents you from even being able to hug your own mother. It also prevents you from working, hanging out with your friends, going to church, shopping, talking on a phone or using a computer. (First published January 25, 2009)

"Effects of Stress on the Brain" - What accumulated and chronic stress has the ability to alter brain structure and function and can damage any number of neurons along this cascading system. (First published March 28, 2009)

"Name The Feeling" - The study reports that there is actually a change that happens in your brain when you can label how you feel.  The actual process of labelling a feeling decreases firing in the amygdala, which is the fear centre of the brain.  This in turn decreases the stress response in the brain and body. (First published April 04, 2009)

"This Is Your Brain on Stress" - A surprising consequence to brain function as the result of stress is that it can impair the normal neuronal sensory input and the circuitry in the brain can become interrupted or cross-wired. (First published April 19, 2009)

"Neuroplasticity Can Heal the Body" -Many people are becoming more and more sensitive to our chemical laden environment and for some, this sensitivity is a verifiable disability. (First published June 14, 2009)






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