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Thilde - MCS and EHS Brittney - Lyme Disease, MCS, EHS, POTS, Anxiety, Depression, Food Sensitivities, PTSD for 25 years

"I'm getting my life back in ways I couldn't even imagine".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Alan - MCS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for
25 years

"I've searched 25 years. This is the answer! It is the limbic system that is malfunctioning".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Michele - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and allergies for 8 years

"It's not a quick fix at all but here's what's really important - it is fixing what needs to be fixed. It's
getting to the root of the problem."

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Paul - CFS, Fibromyalgia, MCSPaul - Fibromyalgia, CFS, MCS and Chronic Pain for 20 years

"I wish I had found DNRS earlier. It would had
saved a whole lot of time, suffering and money".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Linda - Electric Hypersensitivities and MCS for 15 years

" I took the Dynamic Neural Retraining System because a friend of mine had taken it and had fully recovered. It took me longer to recover than her but I just kept practicing".
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Thilde - MCS and EHS Dan - MCS, EHS, Food Sensitivities, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Depression for 10 years

" Since my recovery, I have been like a sponge. I want to experience and learn all that I can"

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Jessica - MCS and Mold Sensitivity for 8 years

"I am shaking my head and pinching myself and overcome with gratitude. Wow!!! I am getting my life back!".
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Thilde - MCS and EHS Dr. Judy McCarver - MCS and CFS for 21 years

"The limbic system is sensitive to trauma and we have suffered from injury to the limbic system in the brain - and this program is the appropriate treatment.  It's the best treatment - it works!".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Katherine - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and MCS 13 years

"After doing the DNRS I have been able to rekindle
my career as a model! I never thought it would happen"

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Kevin - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 7 years

"Recently my wife and I had an experience I couldn't even have dared imagine before attending DNRS. We visited our children in Minneapolis for the holidays".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Vitality 101

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is a well-known physician and author with a special interest in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. This is what he wrote in a recent newsletter about the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (article appears 1/4 of the way down the page).

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Judy - Food Intolerance for 17 years

"Even though I'm an RN, we learned about the limbic system...but I never thought that this was causing all of this problem".
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Thilde - MCS and EHS Frances - POTS; Food Sensitivities; Light and Sound Sensitivities; Multiple Chemical Sensitivities; Lyme Disease

"The biggest achievement so far has been performing in my dancing school's ball. I danced and I felt great for the rest of the night!".
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Thilde - MCS and EHS Thilde - Chemical and Electrical Sensitivities for 8 years

"I felt a major shift in my brain. I experienced some quite immediate improvements when the workshop started and I haven’t worn a mask since"

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Paula - Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety
for 5 years

"Recovery is beyond anything I could
ever imagine. "

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Narguis - Chronic Pain, Anxiety, and MCS for 20 years

"I would ask people to have courage and make the change. This will be the start of a complete new life. You can do it. I have".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Andrea - MCS and EHS for 2 years

"This (DVD) program saved my life...I am here to tell you there's nothing that I am not doing in my life today. Nothing... It is a miracle".

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Thilde - MCS and EHS Layna - MCS, EHS, and Food Sensitivities for 5 years

"I experienced moderate MCS, EHS, and Food Sensitivities for five years and within seven months this has turned around. This has decreased the stress on my entire family and I feel that I have a life again! "
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Thilde - MCS and EHS Candy - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and MCS for 3 years

"My ability to be there for my son and to function as
a normal parent and to do activities with him is great!...we can now spend that quality time together".

video View Candy's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Forest - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 15 years

"I go to so many places (now) that I didn't used to be able to go. It's really remarkable, and I invite you all to know that's possible for each and every one of you".

video View Forest's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Erin - Food Sensitivities and MCS for 20 years

"This is the catalyst for change that you are looking for….I am 98% better from Food Sensitivities. I eat everything except for two (kinds of) nuts".

video View Erin's video testimonial

Thilde - MCS and EHS Lauren - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Fibromyalgia, MCS, Aniexty,
Food Sensitivities, for 28 years

"Physically, I'd have to say that I was always tired. No matter how much sleep I got or how many times I took a nap during the day, I always felt tired".
video View Lauren's video testimonia


Thilde - MCS and EHS Mara - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 6 years

"Some of the symptoms (I used to experience)
were brain fog, fatigue, food and skin sensitivities, heart palpitations".

video View Mara's video testimonial

Thilde - MCS and EHS Tyffanee - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities for 5 years

"I was so tired of being disappointed that I didn't want to get excited about this (DNRS) working, because I didn't want to feel this disappointment again".

video ViewTyffanee's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Bil - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivities, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 5 years

"DNRS is different because it works at a different starting point - the base of the illness rather than trying to deal with the symptoms".

video View Bil's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Racheal - Chemical and Electrical Sensitivities for 3 years

"I had a beautiful dinner at a steakhouse with my grandfather. The tears that streamed down his face when he saw me in a restaurant were priceless!".

video Read Racheal's testimonial

Thilde - MCS and EHS Gloria - Fibromyalgia and MCS for 8 years

"Fifty-two doctors were all unable to determine the cause of my strange illness. The diagnosis from
Doctor # 53 was toxic encephalopathy.".

video Read Gloria's testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Janet - Fibromyalgia for 33 years and MCS for 11 years

" Once we learned through the course instruction that it is a brain trauma (injury) - it all made sense. Each
one of us had our 'lights' go on".

video View Janet's video testimonial

Thilde - MCS and EHS Sara - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MCS, Food and
Light Sensitivities, for 20 years

"My doctor was so happy because given my health history, conditions like mine don't usually have a happy ending".
video View Sara's video testimonial


Thilde - MCS and EHS Karen - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and MCS
for 17 years

"My retired doctor researched a New York Times article and emailed the link to Annie's site to me.
That was the beginning of my new life".

video View Karen's video testimonial


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Kathleen writes:

Just wanted to let you know that I went through the DVD training a week ago and I am doing so much better than I could ever have imagined! I am able to go into stores and offices without my mask. I am so happy and excited about my future! I owe my life to Annie! Please tell her Thank you and that I love her and I will never forget her! I wish I could meet her in person!

I went to the doctor today and he couldn't believe It either and I told him about the training and he was very receptive and asked me a lot of questions and he asked me if he could use me for future references.

Annie needs to be cloned so she can be in more places! I just thought you should know how grateful I am and I hope to have continued success in the months ahead!

Karen writes:


I'm over the moon happy that I was able to get on a plane a week ago and fly an hour to see my Dad for his 87th birthday. I didn't tell him I was coming...I just showed up on his doorstep! He was blown away.

I did great on the trip there and the trip back home. Took my meditations with me and prior to boarding I listened to Annie's 15 minute relaxation breathing meditation. During my 6 days there I even did things with him that would have been challenging 6 months ago...but without a hitch this time!

Healing has never felt so freeing and exciting! Reclaiming my life!

It may seem like it takes a lot of time to practice the program but it is SO WORTH it! I laugh when I hear people at church say I'm so happy these days. They say, you're always smiling! lol! Yep, and I'm healing too.

Thank you Annie, Candy and everyone associated with DNRS...life is looking really sweet these days!

Joanna writes

"I'm SO happy, just have to share my fantastic news!

Today I went to church for the first time in 5 years and 7 months!!! It was WONDERFUL to be back with my amazing church family who have loved, prayed for, and encouraged me through all these years!

I hugged practically everyone, sang every song, and then everyone stood and clapped in praise to God that I was back! It was AWESOME!

I did the retraining steps in my mind a few times, but otherwise was completely FINE!

I can't contain the joy I have in this HUGE milestone! And I'm so excited about all the great things still to come!

Last weekend I was able to join in our annual family retreat at the beach for the first time in years! I even stayed overnight in the hotel and I was ok! It was a HUGE step forward for me!

Thanks again Annie for this program! It's made an incredible difference for me!

Andrea writes:

"I completed the DVD system the beginning of August. I am happy to report that most of the time things are "normal". Is it exactly as it was prior to getting "sick". No. My consciousness is heightened about our environnment and the yucky smelly unhealthy stuff out there. Am I able to conduct a regular day-to-day lifestyle - YES. I cannot believe the changes in my life. I go anywhere and do anything. Now let me say, sometimes I smell stuff-did I smell it the same before? I don't remember-probably not-However, it does not make me sick. Therein for me lies the difference. I feel okay after exposures to anything. Anyway, I just want to say that this program saved my life, my relationship with family, partner, friends etc. Today I walked into the Dollar Store - the last bastion of smelly stuff and it was like no big deal.

Thank you Annie for what you have done for me and the countless sufferers out there in no persons land. When I first got sick, I wanted to kill myself --but there was a voice inside that said don't -thank God I listened to the voice did the foot work and found the DNRS. Thank you Candy for all your guidance and support. Life is good today"

Nicky wrote:

I smelt a perfume which was in the toilet (washrooms to you fellows across the atlantic!) at a club we went to for lunch today. I had planned to take things slow (after pushing outside my training zone the past few days), but the perfume was there for anyone to use. It is one I had loved many many moons ago (19+ years ago!) and I thought...it's there as a test. So I smelt it. Just a bit. I thought 'eurgh, did I use to wear that!'. But no headache, no reaction and I've just remembered, 9 hours later after I smelt it and still no headache!

Marla writes

"It has been six months since I took the DNRS workshop in Boston. In addition to other things I've experienced and noted in previous posts, I have been able to attend concerts with a few thousand people and enjoy myself without reactions!!! I also recently attended a sporting event with about 6000 people with minimal to no reactions! I have also noticed that I have minimal or no anxiety when going places and doing things that used to cause me to have a reaction. Instead, I am calm and joyful in these situations.I am writing applications to return to work for the first time in a long time.

I am grateful for my adventures towards recovery and healing! The journey hasn't always been pleasant, however it has been a great opportunity of learning, growing, maturing, healing, and loving!

Ellen wrote:

"I finished my 6 months of practice last week. I am substantially improved, and proud of myself for persevering despite the desire of my mind and body to skitter off and do other things. I wanted to comment that I have felt essentially ''normal'' for the past 2 or 3 months, which means that I am not bothered by chemicals a great deal more than many other normal people are. The Program provided answers to my questions about the source and persistence of my condition, and I am so appreciative for that understanding and for my continued improvement. I don't know what direction my life is going to be taking over the next months and years, but am so thrilled that my future won't be defined by limitations imposed by MCS. We're going to Europe next month, which is something I would not have been able to plan in the past".

Laurie wrote:

"I did it! After 10 years, I went to church again today - spent 3 hours among men & women, and scents, and I'M FINE! Another miracle!"

Cynthia wrote:

My husband and I got us tickets to the finals playoff game. From the driving to the tailgate party to the game to the drive home, it was a 10-hour event. And the crowds, the rain, the lights and noises were all SO MUCH FUN :). Unfortunately, our team didn't win, but I sure did, oh yea, baby... All this, and at only the 3-month mark in my practice. Truly remarkable. Thank you, everyone!

Lucy wrote:

I am sitting at the auto body shop waiting for a ride and I don't even smell paint. The first smell I noticed when I walked in the door was coffee, which I love the smell of. I just keep focusing on the coffee smell. I am relaxed, I am not "looking" for the paint smell with my olfactory senses. Wow that is amazing. There is no smell and no negative symptoms accept for a craving for a cup of coffee, which I don't drink.

Matt wrote:

I was able to go to my daughter's band concert in a crowd of about 200 people. Although there was certainly some "stuff" to react to, I "smelled" but didn't "react." That was awesome!

Katherine wrote:

Had a really good couple of days. Listened to the radio at home for the fist time for 3 hours. Discovered my car has a cassette player and went and bought music to play!

I also visited YouTube and looked up my favourite party songs. I had an electric light on the whole time.

Previously, I couldn't use a computer even for 5 minutes and used candlelight - just to put into context what an achievement this is.

Cynthia wrote:

"I was up from 2 a.m. Sunday morning until Monday at 10 p.m. and felt fantastic. I am 63 and have not had energy like this in my entire life.
You are the best and have given me what no one else has ever been able to do. I have dreams and joy for the first time in decades -- God bless you!!!
Now that my body has energy, I feel like healing can really take place. Please everyone keep up the practicing - it is amazing!"

Susan writes

"I started this program three months ago. Today I had a breakthrough. I went into a public bathroom with a fragrant chemical sprayer. In the past I would never have gone in. No way, no matter how much I had to go. I don't think it was spraying, but I went in and I was fine. I noticed a little smell but that was it, YAY!!!! Unbelievable. This is huge. I have been in this restaurant a bunch of times and never dared to go in to the bathroom before. The fact that I was willing to calmly give it a try was a testament to how far I've come. Also very cool today: someone gave me flowers and I took the flowers home! They are on my counter looking pretty! I couldn't tolerate the smell before. Wow, wow, wow.....what a way to start 2012.

Annie, thank you so much for making this program available to us. It is truly a miracle. I am seeing the glimmers of my pre-MCS life (more than 10 years ago) coming back and I am full of gratitude and wonder."

Debbie writes

"Im 3 months in wirh the dvd program after 4 yrs with mcs cfs and fibro pain...I cannot express how grateful I am to the dnrs systen and Annie for this opportunity to make these huge strides in my recovery. It takes commitment and passion to get to this point but the alternative was to do nothing and stay ill.

This system works. "

Sandy wrote:

"I am doing the at home DVD's but I plan to come to the Austin in person training session in November. I can't wait to meet you and Candy. I want to learn even more about neural retraining and I find this program

Like others, I had my doubts in the begining but I became a believer when on day 3 of the training, I began to notice glimpses of improvements. Small things just kept getting better. I also get inspiration and hope from the testimonials and my friends that got better with your system. By day 6 and 7, WOW.......my normal reactions to foods were JUST SIMPLY NOT HAPPENING !!!!! Also, on day 7, I was able to stop a reaction during practice. By the time I got to step #7 the reaction was GONE. I am over the moon with hope. I know I will recover with DNRS.

I have a long list of friendsthat remain sick with environmental illness and I look forward to letting them know how this is helping me. See you in November"


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