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10/15/2015 - "Food for Thought"
09/15/2015 - "I'm Getting My Life Back in Ways I Couldn't Imagine"
07/15/2015 - "Can Neuroplasticity be the Answer to 20 Year Illness?"
06/15/2015 - "When a Little Elbow Grease Goes a Long Way"
03/18/2015 - "Prosecutor Becomes Expert Witness to Healing"
12/22/2014 - "What a Difference a Year Makes"
09/30/2014 - "If I Look Fine, Why do I Feel so Sick?"
09/12/2014 - "Can We Wire Our Brain to Heal From Chronic Illness?"
06/10/2014 - "Recovery is Beyond Anything that I Could Have Imagined"

Past Newsletters

When the Impossible becomes Possible

Jessica - MCS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Food Sensitivities, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety
Before attending DNRS, Jessica was basically at the end of her rope.  She had spent more than $ 750,000 looking for answers to the growing list of illnesses that were destroying her health and life.



Wheelchair to Rollerblades 2

"This year our family has been blessed in so many ways, especially so with our daughter Lauren’s remarkable return to health!."




Savouring the Taste of Good Health

Judy could literally span her finger and thumb around her upper arm. "I was losing foods by the day.  I panicked. I could clearly see the writing on the wall and knew that if the illness continued to progress, it wouldn't be long before I would be unable to eat any foods."



Rewiring the Brain

Discover Magazine
Chemical intolerance is associated with limbic system dysfunction in the brain. Often times a chemical injury will trigger a fight or flight state and catapult the brain and body into a state of chronic stress.

The November 2013 issue of Discover Magazine speaks to both toxic injury
and self-directed neuroplasticity.



Guest Speaker

I am delighted to announce that I will be a featured guest speaker at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine's 48th Annual Scientific Conference being held this year in Arizona.My presentation, entitled "Limbic Rehabilitation: A Novel Treatment Approach for Lifestyle Exposure Related Neurotoxicity"  will be held on Sunday, October 27th at 10:30 am.



From Wheelchair to Rollerblades

Lauren Gordon

Her parents have spent over $100,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Lauren had been to see 35 different specialists over the years, including 6 doctors at the Mayo clinic.  They exhausted both the allopathic and alternative health care systems and again, found no lasting relief for
their daughter.


Can You Rewire Your Brain for Optimal Health?

The trauma affected the threat mechanisms in Lauren’s brain and her limbic system was ensnared in extreme survival mode. This over activated threat mechanism was skewing her sensory perception and robbing her body of the necessary energy needed to rest, digest and regenerate.  As a result, Lauren’s complete focus was on how she could manage to get through another day.




Living as a Shadow of Your Former Self

shadow of former self
Normally high functioning and healthy individuals become a shadow of their former self. This literally robs them of their ability to function in the world.  For some it can cause them to lose their jobs, homes and in extreme cases live a life of isolation and pain.




Can Training the Brain Transform Your Health?

Annie with Karen and Linda
Recently I was invited to a get together with two very special women - Karen and Linda - who graduated from the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ program over 2 years ago. Both of these incredibly courageous women had suffered from severe chemical sensitivities and electric hypersensitivity syndrome due to limbic system impairment.




It truly is A Wonderful Life

When I looked at Annie Hopper’s website, the claims sounded too good to be true; but at that point in my healing journey I really didn’t have too much to lose. Fifty-two (Yes, 52!) doctors including general practitioners, chiropractors, allergists, neurologists, and specialists in gastrointestinal, hormone, thyroid, etc., were all unable to determine the cause of my strange illness.




Learn How to Recover from MCS, CFS, FM

Forest was a grandmother-to-be. Forest had suffered from severe chemical sensitivities for 14 years and could not be in her daughter's house, or in the hospital, or around baby products like lotions and powders. Forest had a goal to be MCS-free in time to witness the birth of her granddaughter.




Summer / Fall Programs Announced

Annie workshop
Since DNRS™ was featured in a New York Times article last Fall, we have fielded many inquiries from people throughout North America and abroad ... asking us to hold programs close to their hometown.




Does Neuroplasticity Really Work? Ask Your Doctor

Ask your doctor
More and more of our referrals continue to come from the established medical community. In fact we even had two doctors among our Switzerland group who had both been to see every specialist known to mankind prior to taking the DNRS program.



DNRS™ Releases DVD Transcription

DVD Transcription
All 76,000 words of our DVDs have been transcribed onto a 160 page booklet
to follow along in the comfort of your own home.



DNRS™ Goes To Switzerland

Swiss Parliament
We are happy to officially announce that we are hosting a Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ program in Zurich in May, 2012.




A Miracle For Christmas

A Miracle For Christmas
The picture on the front of the card has two big crayon  hearts with THANKS printed in big letters across the page. I can feel a big lump in my throat and tears escape from my eyes as I continue to read the priceless words inside. It says:
“Hi, I’m Gavin. Thank you for healing my Mom".



My Deepest Wish Has Come True

DNRS DVD Release


It is with great joy and excitement that we launch this project and trust that this
vital information and tools for recovery will reach the people who need it.




Creating Awareness of Environmental Illness

DNRS Thilde Jensen

Neuroplasticity indeed changed her life in the biggest way possible.  And with her new freedom to engage in the world, Thilde has graciously combined her passion of photo journalism with the need to create greater awareness of these conditions and environmental awareness.



Healing The Hurt

TIME Magazine
Recently, neuroplasticity was a featured topic in Time Magazine.  Through the
use of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) we can now see with
hard evidence that the physical structure and function of a brain “in pain” is
much different from a normal and healthy brain.  This technology allows us to
see changes in the brain in real time.



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