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Stress May Cause The Brain To Become DisconnectedDoes stress damage the brain?  In the March 1st issue of Biological Psychiatry a paper by Tibor Hajszan and colleagues provides an important new chapter to this question.

How Memories Are Made, And RecalledWhat makes a memory? Single cells in the brain, for one thing.

Human Emotion and MemoryThe amygdala and hippocampal complex, two medial temporal lobe structures, are linked to two independent memory systems, each with unique characteristic functions.

Gulf War veterans display abnormal brain response to specific chemicals

A new study by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers is the first to pinpoint damage inside the brains of veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome - a finding that links the illness to chemical exposures and may lead to diagnostic tests and treatments.

Memories Light Up The Corners Of Our Minds Memories do indeed light up the corners of our mind, just as the songwriter said.

Coming Undone: How Stress Unravels The Brain's StructureThe helpless behavior that is commonly linked to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is preceded by stress-related losses of synapses-microscopic connections between brain cells-in the brain's hippocampal region, researchers at Yale School of Medicine report in Biological Psychiatry.

Television Interview with Annie Hopper

Below is a television interview with Annie Hopper which appeared in early 2007 while Annie was still chemically sensitive (and of the former belief that MCS was due to toxic overload in the body).

Today, Annie is fully recovered from MCS, Electro Magnetic Sensitivities and Fibromyalgia and has proved that this condition is due to an acquired toxic brain injury that impairs limbic system function and synaptic function.

Impaired limbic and synaptic functions
are also at the root of various other conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, Chronic Pain Disorders, and anxiety disorders.

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