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  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER ANY LONGER YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER ANY LONGER Limbic System Dysfunction is at the very root of often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed conditions. We have helped thousands of people reclaim their lives!
  • YOU ARE ONLY ONE THOUGHT AWAY FROM CHANGING YOUR LIFE! YOU ARE ONLY ONE THOUGHT AWAY FROM CHANGING YOUR LIFE! Start your recovery process: Order our DVD Series, read Annie's book "Wired for Healing", and join our DNRS Community Forum.

Limbic System Rehabilitation
A viable treatment for:


Do you suffer from chronic exhaustion
or muscle and joint pain?

Does the smell of perfume give
you a headache?

Do you have brain fog or
concentration challenges?

Are you anxious and sensitive to
common everyday stimuli?


Neuroplasticity is Driving a Revolution in Health Care

The term Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s unique ability to change itself.
creating neural connections in the brain
Impaired Limbic System function is associated with many of these so-called "mysterious" illnesses. Through using neuroplasticity promoting techniques, participants are methodically instructed in how to create positive changes in the structure and function of the limbic system.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System represents a new paradigm in healing chronic illnesses as we discover the link between brain function and optimal health.

This is not a quick fix program. While immediate results can happen within the initial training period, one must practice daily for 6 months to receive the full benefits of this revolutionary training.

If you are serious about changing your life then we would love to assist you on your journey back to recovery.

We look forward to helping you Retrain Your Brain, Transform Your Health, and Reclaim Your Life!

Annie Hopper
CEO and Founder
The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™


Register for DNRS In Person Program Register for an In-Person
5 Day Neuro Rehabilitation Program

DNRS Seminar

Groups are kept small to give you the most direct and immediate access to an
experienced DNRS facilitator who can help you to discover and work through
any ‘blind spots’ that may present hidden obstacles to recovery.

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2 Order the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™
DVD Series
If you cannot attend a live program due to severe illness restrictions,
learn the fundamental concepts and exercises of the program from the
comfort of your own home with the 14 hour DNRS instructional DVD series.
Available with or without transcription.


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For General Inquiries and to speak to a live DNRS representative, call:
Mondays through Fridays
between the hours of
11:00 am to 4:00 pm*
Pacific Standard Time.

General inquiries can be answered by email within 24 hours at

* Office hours in other time zones: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm MST | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm CST
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From A Doctor's Perspective

My wife contracted Multiple Chemical Sensitivities while in Kuwait after the first Gulf War and we dealt with Fibromyalgia, allergies and a long list of problems we never really understood. Last year we had a flood in our kitchen and had to replace our cork floor with a new product.

To our dismay it contained  formaldehyde and sent my wife into full blown Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. She had to move out and live in our camper.

Worse, she could not go out to eat for fear of cleaning agents or people wearing perfume. Going to the grocery store was too risky due to the soap and cleaner isle! My hair shampoo sent her into an attack. Our life became a nightmare with little hope offered by doctors who said all we could do was avoid things!

As a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon I started to review the literature and found a monograph from the government of Australia that noted real evidence toward hypersensitivity of the Limbic System. Such an approach made sense from a medical and physiological standpoint.

From there we came across the program Annie Hopper uses. I spoke with several MD's who heard Ms Hopper speak at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine meeting. We contacted her organization and spoke with people who had personally benefited from her methodology. We signed up for her next course - and while I had reservations being a Doctor - we came away with amazing results after the five days.

The improvement has continued and at this point I would say we are at least 90% improved if not more.

She hates the soap isle at Safeway, but can walk down it! Cheap perfume is unpleasant, but nothing more. Chemical cleaners are the worst, but cause no life changing reactions like they used to. In short, we live a normal life again.

Everyone in her class experienced marked improvement.

While nothing cures everything for everyone,  I feel Ms. Hopper's program saved my wife's health and needs  to become available to all those who suffer these terrible problems that have been ignored by traditional medicine. Some of the previous therapies available I feel are best described as without any scientific basis and prey on desperate people. While there is some current real scientific data to support hypersensitivity of the limbic system, more research still needs to follow.  
Dr. William Knight

From A Doctor's Perspective

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is a practice that weaves together cutting-edge scientific research based on neurological rehabilitation and functional imaging, with the age-old traditions of mindfulness and healing. It is a brilliant step-by-step practice that teaches us how our conscious brain can access the subconscious brain and thereby alter automatic physiologic and emotional responses. It teaches us how to access our “rest and digest” physiology—the parasympathetic nervous system-- which promotes vitality and diminishes chronic inflammation. This practice has the potential not only to help persons with any type of chronic inflammatory state (most, if not all, chronic diseases including autoimmune disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and emotional imbalances) but, perhaps more importantly, it gives us the gift of self-empowerment.

There is a growing body of scientific research that is helping us to understand chronic inflammatory pathways and hormonal cascades; they are inextricably linked to each other and to the central nervous system through the limbic-hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Through mindfulness and neuro-cognitive techniques, the DNRS program helps us bypass dysfunctional limbic system loops that activates the vagus nerve, which is the central player in the parasympathetic nervous system. The vagus nerve is not only responsible for healthy digestion, but it is also what gives us our “visceral” feelings about our experiences. When stimulated, the vagus nerve can decrease inflammatory cytokines, thereby inhibiting the amplification of inflammation and the debilitating symptoms it causes. It is central to homeostasis and well-being.

As a physician that was on a 2-year medical leave due to chronic health challenges, I not only had my own challenges to recover from, but I’d also witnessed hundreds of patients struggling to jump over similar hurdles. After trying conventional therapies at top medical institutions, various forms of alternative medicine, drastically changing my diet, and taking various supplements, I was still taking things day-by-day and not able to build up any resilience. I came across neural retraining as something I wanted to try to help my multiple food sensitivities. I was not, however, expecting to see the comprehensive level of healing that has occurred since I began practicing. In just 2 months after beginning the DNRS practice, I had enough energy and stability to go back to work. In these past 5 months, I have been more active in my children’s schools, been able to travel, to sleep better, to gradually exercise more. Overall, I am less fearful of my body’s responses, less fearful of life itself. I am happier and freer.

My medical practice has always been centered on the practices of ancestral cultures and learning from their thousands of years of history. To find a practice that uses this ancient wisdom-- but packaged in a new paradigm-- to enhance our own wellness is deeply rewarding.

Cynthia Li, MD
Internal Medicine
Berkeley, California
April 2012

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