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Fibromyalgia (FM)
is a medical disorder characterized by chronic widespread pain, and allodynia, (a heightened and painful response to pressure). Fibromyalgia symptoms are not restricted to pain, leading to the use of the alternative term fibromyalgia syndrome for the condition.

The most common primary characteristics of Fibromyalgia are chronic widespread muscle and joint pain, an increased sensitivity to many different sensory stimuli and an unusually low pain threshold.

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a Limbic System condition brought on by neurological trauma caused by a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant psychological stress such as; childhood stress or prolonged or severe stress.

In some cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event. Symptoms can be aggravated by noise, weather change, and emotional stress. The way in which the brain/mind/body expresses this trauma is unique to each person.

Within the Dynamic Neural Retraining Systemâ„¢ we understand that the initial trauma and the ensuing trauma cycle can alter the structure and function of the brain. Trauma can also initiate an inflammatory response in the central nervous system.

The condition of Fibromyalgia indicates that the brain is stuck in a distorted self-protective mechanism centered on pain perception. This cross-wired neuronal circuitry directly affects the physiology of the body and manifests in any number or combination of symptoms.

In response to a chronic trauma cycle, the body's abilities to rest, digest or regenerate are affected interrupting the normal growth cycle and detoxification process catapulting the brain and body into a cycle of chronic illness.

Some typical symptoms can include; chronic widespread muscle and joint pain, an increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli and low pain threshold.

Other symptoms of Fibromyalgia include :

  • Fibromyalgiadebilitating fatigue
  • sleep disturbance
  • joint stiffness
  • difficulty with swallowing
  • bowel and bladder abnormalities
  • numbness and tingling,
  • brain fog
  • cognitive dysfunction.

Fibromyalgia is frequently associated with depression and anxiety and stress-related disorders such as post traumatic stress disorder.

Once Limbic System function is corrected, the destructive cycle is discontinued and sensory perception (including pain threshold) begin to return to normal and clarity of mind resumes. Muscle and joint pain subside and the central nervous system inflammatory cycle is interrupted. The hyper vigilance in the systems of the body relaxes which allows the natural growth and healing processes to resume.

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